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perNYC is the podcast exploring NYC creations as per their creators. Trusty host Jennifer and the creators themselves break down the details and build up the understanding of what is the creation, how it's a NYC creation, and how it is the creators'. Listen to NYC businesses, productions, movements, careers, ideas, events, music, shops, bars, restaurants, merchandise, arts, establishments, and more in a one-of-a-kind, candid, cool, collected, and informative manner. More perNYC? or @perNYC or @perNYC or @perjennifer

Jul 16, 2018

Griffin Miller has created herself as an editor of the theatre scene here in theatrical NYC. On this episode we explore who is Griffin, what is theatre in NYC, what it's like to write about it, who sees the shows, how it all comes together, tips and tricks, the industry, and of course - NYC. 

perNYC is the “MUST...

Jul 2, 2018

Monsieur Gerard Amsellem has created himself as an artist. Monsieur is not just my favorite high school French teacher, but also an inspiring artist and experienced creative. Our host Jennifer grew up in New Jersey and we are taping this in Monsieur’s studio (excuse the bit of echo) in Livingston, NJ. In other words,...