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perNYC is the podcast exploring NYC creations as per their creators. Trusty host Jennifer and the creators themselves break down the details and build up the understanding of what is the creation, how it's a NYC creation, and how it is the creators'. Listen to NYC businesses, productions, movements, careers, ideas, events, music, shops, bars, restaurants, merchandise, arts, establishments, and more in a one-of-a-kind, candid, cool, collected, and informative manner. More perNYC? or @perNYC or @perNYC or @perjennifer

Jan 22, 2018

Windmill Factory as per Jon Morris on this perNYC episode! This amazing episode is a long ways coming having all started off with our “META” episode around this time last year. This time around on perNYC we talk with Jon, the creator of Windmill Factory, an international creative collective based in Brooklyn, NY, creating globally and impressively, and I quote immersive theater, interactive installations, rock-n-roll live shows, conferences, and anything else that sparks creative interests.

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